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TheAnswer to Coco Growers’ Prayers!

Growers’ favourite, Sensi Bloom has now had its formula fine-tuned tooptimise it for monster results in coco coir, adding calcium andmagnesium while lowering the ratio of potassium. Initial feedback fromSensi Coco’s original release in the USA suggests that it may well bethe highest performing coco-specific nutrient on the market.

  • Formulated by a team of a dozen dedicated plant scientists.
  • Allows inexperienced growers to produce competition standard crops.
  • Manufactured to the meticulous standards of Advanced Nutrients.
  • Used during the plants’ flowering cycle for luscious healthy growth.
  • Comes into its own when alongside Advanced Nutrients’ range of additives and boosters.
  • Formulated with a FREE built-in surfactant (Wet Betty).

This Product Contains:

1 litre of Sensi Coco Bloom A, 1 litre of Sensi Coco Bloom B.

How Sensi Coco Bloom A&B Works:

Coco Coir is one of the easiest and most productive mediums to workwith and Sensi Coco Bloom A&B has been formulated specificallyfor the job! It’s actually very similar to traditional Sensi Grow, butwith a few tweaks that will push your plants that bit further,delivering better overall plant vigour, and, in turn, more fruitfulyields!

Calcium &Magnesium 
Coco tends to bind itself to calcium and magnesium a little too easily.If these secondary macronutrients are bound to the medium, they won’t,of course, be used where they’re needed most – in the growth anddevelopment of your plants. Over time, this will lead to deficiencies,leaving your plants more vulnerable to pests and diseases anddrastically reducing potential yields. Luckily, Advanced Nutrients’team of leading scientists have included optimised levels of calciumand magnesium to ensure that this is never an issue.

Levels of potassium are also slightly adjusted in this formula. Coconaturally releases potassium as it degrades – the levels in Sensi Cocoare slightly reduced to ensure your plants are exposed to an idealratio.

Wet Betty!
A surfactant is also included in the formula, reducing the surfacetension of your water and allowing for better penetration of substrate,assisting in the delivery of the nutrients. This particular surfactantis available separately as a product called Wet Betty, but in SensiCoco, it’s included for free!

PH Perfect
As if that wasn’t enough, Sensi Coco Grow incorporates AdvancedNutrients’ world-famous “pH Perfect” technology, automaticallyadjusting the pH of your nutrient solution to an optimal level, thenkeeping it there! The saving in time and hassle that this brings makesSensi Grow the most hassle-free base nutrient on the market. One thingto note is that, for the “pH perfect” technology to work, only AdvancedNutrients boosters and additives can be added to the reservoir. Usingother manufacturers’ products will stop the pH perfect technology fromworking properly.

Using Sensi Coco:

This 2-part nutrient should be administered in equal amounts. Themanufacturer’s instructions are to use at rate of 4ml per litre ofnutrient solution. We recommend using an EC meter to test nutrientstrength, adding nutrients to your reservoir as required. Look for lowECs of around 0.5 for rooted cuttings, working up to a maximum ofaround 1.2 to 1.4 for plants that are ready to begin the floweringstages. Sensi Coco features pH perfect technology, but if you’re usingit alongside non compatible additives, you’ll still need to adjust phlevels. Either way, you should always check the resulting solution toensure that it sits within the correct ranges.

Sensi Coco Bloom Part A: 4-0-0

Sensi Coco Bloom Part B: 0-4-5