Advanced Nutrients – Jungle Juice Bloom 1L

Advanced Nutrients – Jungle Juice Bloom 1L


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Advanced Nutrients – Jungle Juice Micro 1L is the all-new Grow-Micro-Bloom 3-part fertiliser.

A brand-new blend for growers looking for a reasonable, 3-part base supplement. Where before, growers had problems associated with solutions where the recipe did not benefit hydroponics growers in the long run, damaged the plants structure and resistance to disease, and destabilised the correct blend of nutrients required for beautiful blossoming.

Advanced Nutrients Jungle Juice range combats that.

Following rigorous testing, and complied to the highest of manufacturing standards, Advanced Nutrients has released their most up to date, innovative and powerful 3-part base supplement recipe for growers. With an adapted recipe, your plants get every one of the nutrients they require, delivered specifically when they require them.

Jungle Juice Bloom:

Grants your plants the Phosphorous, Potassium, Magnesium, and Sulphur they need to create beautiful blossoms and succulent fruit, allowing for fantastic final yields.

Other Products in the Jungle Juice Range:

  • Jungle Juice Micro: Start your plants right. With Jungle Juice Micro you ensure that you are giving them the foundations they require by providing them with superior quality Nitrogen, Iron, and Calcium. This solution allows for a strong “starting block” for your plant to be established; meaning your hydroponic plant will grow healthier, more robust, and produce more beautiful blooms. 
  • Using Jungle Juice Grow: Grants the Nitrogen, Phosphorous, Potassium, and optional minerals essential “access” to the hydroponic plant to grow and thrive during the vegetative stage, will continue to grow healthier, more robust, and produce more beautiful blooms.