Agrawool Speedgrow Plugs


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Speedgrow Plugs are natural products made from the volcanic igneous rock (coagulation of lava) Basalt. The fibres are created by heating this rock; a speciality of the manufacturer! With the so-called Ecose Technology a binder is used that is free of formaldehyde. This sustainable technique is particularly environmentally friendly.
In this way the desired structure develops and we are able to supply a product with healthy fibres. The big advantage of this is that the roots do not experience growth resistance and are therefore more resistant to diseases and pests. The plants will also make more use of the available volume.

There are many advantages of using Speedgrow Plugs such as:

Better rooting.
Good growth performance.
Better for the environment.
No skin irritation.

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Speedgrow Plugs

126 Tray of Plugs, 4x4x4 No Hole Plug, 84 Tray of Plugs, Premium 26×26 Taper Plug X126 Tray, Premium 36×36 Taper Plug X84 Tray