Black Orchid Mixed-Flo Fan

Black Orchid Mixed-Flo Fan


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The Black Orchid Mixed-Flo Fan is perfect for extracting stale, warm air from tents and grow rooms. The combination of a Mixed-Flo blade with turning gators allow a high airflow rating. The fan has removable parts that allows for easy cleaning and the parts are simple to take off and put back, perfect for beginners. The fan has a removable acoustic chamber filters allowing you to turn the fan into an acoustic box fan and change back depending on your preference. As well as this, the fan is extremely quiet, allowing for use where noise level requirements are high.

It is perfect for rooms and tents with short duct runs and small carbon filters.

Catalogue Code Mixed-Flo Fan Max Airflow (m3/h)
BO-MF-100-UK 4″ Duct Diameter 187
BO-MF-125-UK 5″ Duct Diameter 280
BO-MF-150-UK 6″ Duct Diameter 520

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Black Orchid Mixed-Flo Fan

4" Duct Diameter, 5" Duct Diameter, 6" Duct Diameter