Lumatek Gauntlet Air Cooled Reflector

Lumatek Gauntlet Air Cooled Reflector


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Help control grow room temperature using the Lumatek Gauntlet Air Cooled reflector fixture, which has been specifically designed for use with E40 base horticultural High
Pressure Sodium and Metal Halide grow lamps, rated up to 1000W.

This fixture features a highly reflective hammer-tone dimpled aluminium interior to efficiently focus light onto the plant canopy, 150mm (6”) spigots to connect ducting to
powered air flow system, air-tight sealed toughened glass cover with hinges & retention clips for easy access to lamp holder and a 4m power cable for flexible set-up.

The Gauntlet provides a wide and uniform light output ensuring an even plant growth and being air-cooled, is able to be positioned closer to the canopy providing more PAR
(grow light) to the plants, as well as helping to control the ambient temperature in the grow room.

  • 150mm spigots for air-flow ducting
  • Highly reflective aluminium interior
  • Toughened glass lamp cover
  • Wide and uniform light output
  • 4m power cable to IEC
  • V-hooks for easy hanging
  • Sealed & airtight for efficient air-cooling
  • Suitable for 150W to 1000W HID lamps
  • Easy lamp access with a hinged cover and retention clips
  • Compatible with HPS or MH lamps