Lumatex Precision Double-Ended Reflector

Lumatex Precision Double-Ended Reflector


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The Precision Double-Ended Reflector is the premium, top of the range reflector. Its top ended aluminium reflective surface was designed to reduce light/energy loss and provide light spread. Several tests confirm this reflector has the most durable reflective surface on the market, reaching outstanding levels of 95-97% reflectivity.

Being clear that there is no other product like The Precision on the market, this is a top-ended performance ‘plug and play’ reflector with innovative double-ended k12x30s lamp sockets rated up to 1000W double ended grow lamps.

  • Designed for use with industry-leading DE grow lamps with highest PAR micromol rating
  • 95-97% reflectivity
  • Innovative double-ended k12x30s lamp sockets
  • Rated for DE grow lamps up to 1000W
  • Available separately or as Precision 1KW DE Fixture
  • Maximum performance in an indoor environment (1.2 x 1.2)
  • More light = more yield!