Lumatex Pro Double-Ended Reflectors

Lumatex Pro Double-Ended Reflectors


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Available in Miro or Hammertone, the Pro Double-Ended Reflectors are designed for use with industry-leading 1000W 400V DE grow lamps with the highest PAR micromol rating. The Miro version of the Double Ended Relfector is the best as it offers 95% reflectivity. They are also both designed for a 1.2sqm footprint.

The Professional 1000w 400v Double-Ended (DE) Reflector has been designed and engineered in the UK by Qwod and Lumatek Ltd specifically for use with the 1000w 400V Double-Ended (DE) Professional grow lamps; the most efficient lamps in the industry offering the highest PAR output value, currently available.

  • Available in 95% reflective Miro or Hammertone Aluminium
  • German-manufactured DE mogul socket
  • Flat packed with easy assembly instructions
  • Rated for lamps up to 1000W
  • Available separately or as a 1000W 400V lighting kit
  • More light = more yield!

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Lumatex Pro Double Ended (DE) Reflectors

Double-Ended Reflector (Hammertone), Double-Ended Reflector (Micro)